reveal your genuine self! (part 2)

Being genuine is not something you should try to simulate, but rather it is about being yourself and showing others the real you. We often take on many roles in a variety of situations for a number of reasons. If you were to meet someone at a conference, you will probably perceive him or her differently than if you connected with him or her on a social media website. Later on, you may meet up with the same person in a social setting and they are different yet again. We could begin talking about a project we are going to work on together and they are different once again. Even though their personality and roles were all different, they are still the same person underneath.

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of being genuine and its correlation to your success or failure in the business world. Being genuine displays an aura of authenticity, which is what customers want in the places they choose to do business. When you are genuine in who you are, it commands a sense of respect from others. People will see that you are truly who you are and that you are not putting on an act to gain popularity.

If you have ever had a customer or client question you as to whether or not you are genuine, their line of questioning may have taken you aback. For some, the idea of being genuine is completely different than it is for others. Even though you may be sincere, honest and respectful, that may not be enough in the eyes of a potential client. You have to understand what their expectations are from you as the business owner.

When you are truly genuine in everything you do, it will lead to the customers respecting you and what you have to say. Everyone will have a different viewpoint on what being genuine means, but in the end, the result will be gaining the respect and loyalty of your customers. If you are ever to make it in the business real, the one thing you need to remember is how to be genuine in all you do.

Don’t just assume you know what it means to be genuine. Everyone has a different expectation of what he or she expects in a company of which they do business. Although you may not be able to maintain a perfect repertoire, being honest and displaying yourself as an individual is what counts the most. When you are truly displaying who you are to the customers, you will earn their respect and their loyalty. After all, isn’t that what business is all about? It’s about gaining new customers for life and all because you did nothing more than being yourself.

As you prepare to market yourself, make sure you are passionate about everything you do. Honesty and integrity will lead to your voice being heard throughout the marketplace. Have you noticed an increase in engagement with your social media activities and blogs once you revealed your genuine self, both on a personal and business level?

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10 thoughts on “reveal your genuine self! (part 2)

  1. So true, Randy! Some might disagree with me, but I don’t think you can build genuine trust without honesty and integrity. And sure, practicing patience and flexibility as we learn the best ways to juggle others’ expectations is undoubtedly important, but when people forsake authenticity to “be” or “become” whatever it is they think others want them to be, eventually the charade gets old or the mask falls off… or the befuddled actors forget which mask they are wearing and… well, it all goes sour from there.

    The worst part is when these people who thought they would be better off pretending not only damage their business (and usually relationships as well!), but they also reach a point where they actually have no idea who they are or what they stand for. It’s truly devastating to see people get to that point; and it’s never worth it. So, in agreement with Randy here, my word to the wise is, “Don’t waste your life trying to be anyone other than YOU!”

  2. I sooo Agree, it drives me nuts when someone says and acts a certain way in Social Media circles and then when you met they are SOOO not that… BE YOU.. each and everyday whether you are on Stage, behind the computer or in a simple one on one conversation…

  3. Great points Randy! I personally believe anyone who chooses not to be true to himself will eventually face a life long wasted years.
    The caveat with “Being genuine is not something you should try to simulate, but rather it is about being yourself and showing others the real you” is actually how you reveal yourself firstly to yourself:)
    The key to that is hidden in self awareness and conscious way of living which often might be challenging, but the rewarding is incomparable.

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