the season of giving (online) – make the best of it!

As the months progress, we start preparing for presents and warm winter clothing. There is no time like the present to start planning for the digital holiday campaign. According to recent statistics, Internet users are anticipated to spend around $54 billion this holiday season alone. If these numbers are accurate, the amount of online shopping done in November and December will equate to roughly 25 percent of all spending by retailers within the United States.

Mobile Media is More Important than Ever Before

As holiday shopping begins, mobile media rises to the top of all other advertisements this year, especially when you consider the various brands that suffered throughout the year. Beyond just making sure that your mobile site is set to handle all of the holiday traffic, those interested in marketing and branding their business name need to ensure their campaign is centered around those who are sitting at home on the couch. Consumers plan to use their tablets and smartphones for making the necessary purchases for all of those Black Friday sales.

Shoppers plan to use mobile media to help make the shopping process simpler than having to go to the retail stores. When stores utilize technology and targeting methods, alongside price matching online and coupon codes, all of the brands will be able to drive their holiday traffic online to a new level.

It is imperative that marketing agencies understand all of the facts surrounding shopping for the holiday season. Shoppers look online to find the best deal possible for their purchases, especially during the holiday season. Over the past three years, the amount of shoppers searching for discount codes and coupons has steadily risen throughout the holiday season. During the holiday season, retailers understand the importance of getting customers to their website. Many consumers shopping online for deals take advantage of retailers who can offer them free shipping for their online purchases.

Those who are smart will use marketing tools that help them garner the amount of technology that is available to them. Implementing marketing techniques with smartphones and tablets helps build a sense of loyalty within their customers. Numerous options exist for potential marketing and branding campaigns. If you want to do something to help set yourself apart from all of the other retailers, a few things can be done to help make yourself stand out.

Marketers are switching to the digital aid of technology now more than ever, so it is critical to set yourself apart from everyone else. The best thing you can do is to begin your marketing campaign early on. Don’t wait until the last-minute to start the process. When you get yourself out there ahead of everyone else, you garner the attention of shoppers across the country. Even though the season is relatively short for buying holiday gifts, you can easily expand upon this with all of the various coupons and discounts to build loyalty within your consumer base. Don’t eliminate marketing media as part of your advertising campaign or you could cost yourself a lot of business.

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