get mobile in your strategy!

Mobile marketing is an essential factor in today’s business climate. Adding mobile applications (apps) to your website and fully integrating all of your marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provides businesses with another means to really interact with their customer base; it puts the service back into customer service.
Currently mobile marketing in the U.S. comprises almost one-third of total global mobile marketing expenditures. It is estimated that within two years that figure will double. During the same time frame, smartphone use is expected to jump. Within the next 3 years, nearly 50% of all mobile phone users will own smartphones, and these consumers want a more convenient way to do business.

So, what does that mean for those of you who hesitate? Simply this: if you don’t get on board and get mobile, your business will be left standing still.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a growing means of engagement with one’s customers via a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. This engagement can be achieved by texting, mms, or alerts. In short, it is a more efficient, direct, and immediate form of Internet marketing.

What is Driving the Trend to Mobile Marketing?

The use of increasingly sophisticated mobile devices is the main driving force behind an increase in the need for mobile apps. It is estimated that this year over one billion people will access the web using a smart phone or tablet. More than one-third of all Internet users are connecting via a mobile device.

With more users on the go, companies need to find new ways to connect. What worked for a website on a PC or laptop doesn’t fare well given the constraints of the technology and how it works. Companies need to be flexible enough to move with the technology to remain competitive, and mobile marketing is where the industry is heading.

What Can Mobile Marketing Do For My Business?

It’s all about accessibility, personalization, and convenience. A mobile marketing campaign is more immediate. Most users always have their mobile phone with them and turned on. This gives you immediate access to your customers with offers and other helpful information.

– An sms is likely to be read and responded to within a few minutes; an e-mail could languish in someone’s inbox for days before it is read, if it is read at all.

– Branding is highly accessible through mobile advertising. Logos and trademarks are easily integrated into a variety of mobile applications for increased visibility.

– Billing is simplified with mobile applications often adding the charge to the customer’s mobile account.

Location based services enhance the customer experience. A person is more likely to use a mobile to device to locate a local business when they are on the move. The local factor also helps to facilitate face2face events, which is still one of the most effective means of networking and building lasting business relationships.

Be a part of the future now. Every day you neglect mobile integration as an integral part of your customer outreach and marketing strategy is another day that your competitor has the edge.

(image by: Ola Uno)


2 thoughts on “get mobile in your strategy!

  1. I like everything with mobile marketing except from getting messages to my phone. I actually hate sms or mms advertising. When I get an sms-signal, I expect it to be from a friend. That’s why I always check my sms immediately. I think it’s ok for friends to interrupt me in what I’m doing, but not advertisers. Perhaps this is just me, but I’d like to hear others opinions about it. Let’s start a discussion here!

    Thanks for posting a great article!

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