tweet for your brand with hashtags!

Many businesses have heard that Twitter can play a role in how they market their brand. However, it is not always clear how Twitter can be used in comparison to Facebook and other social media tools. When not used properly, marketers cannot expect to receive a high ROI with their Twitter accounts.

Using Hashtags 

One of the most powerful ways to get a large number of views for a tweet is to use relevant hashtags. A tweet can be categorized by keyword by placing the “#” symbol before the word. This symbol tells the Twitter search engine to index the tweet in their search engine, making it easier for customers to find a business’s tweet. Also, when a company frequently releases tweets that are associated with particular keywords, customers are more likely to associate the company with that said keyword.

Crafting Effective Hashtags

Hashtags are the best when they are simple and when the hashtags are used sparingly in the post. Also, the hashtags should be related to face2face events and concepts that are closely related to the business. Businesses should think about keywords that enthusiasts are likely to search for and that are currently trendy. Businesses should especially use hashtags that include the names of conferences that they are attending or closely affiliated. This can have a powerful effect on the perceived legitimacy of the business and on consumer engagement.

Setting the Company Up as a Thought Leader

The reason why hashtags have a powerful effect on a company’s brand building efforts is that they can help set the company up as a thought leader in a particular industry. By becoming a thought leader, a company can better control the exposure that prospective customers and clients have of the business.

Following Other Hashtags

However, businesses should not only use hashtags to distribute content through Twitter, but should also pay close attention to hashtags relevant to their brand so that they can remain connected with the current discourse to stay relevant.

Tools Available to Marketers on Twitter

Fortunately, there are many tools that are available to help marketers determine which hashtags their competitors are using through TweetStats. Tools such as HootSuite and Twilert will help marketers more easily keep up-to-date on content created around specific hashtags so that marketers know what their clients are reading.

Carefully Craft the Twitter Message

When using Twitter and hashtags, businesses must be careful in how they craft their Twitter messages to make sure that they create the right brand impression. Company tweets will often be the customer’s first exposure to the company’s brand and first impressions have a much stronger impact on a customer’s long-term perception of a company than any branding efforts that the customer is exposed to down the road.

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2 thoughts on “tweet for your brand with hashtags!

  1. Good summary of hashtags Randy. I ignored hashtags far too long. At first they seemed to confusing, then too much of a hassle. I am getting better at using them now, but could still get much more out of them. I also need to get better at using them to search for content and conversations. One last comment is that I would recommend is that users don’t stuff their tweets with hashtags – too many in a post become distracting and make the post difficult to read. Have a great week!

    • Thanks for the comments Brent and happy you find the post helpful. Yes they can become troubling but they are very helpful when properly applied. You are correct, too many, not so good!

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