get a little equity for that brand!



It takes time to build your brand online. You need to invest your dedication and have plenty of patience. The importance of your brand can go a long way in building and maintaining an online reputation, building trust with search engines and consumers. Brand equity is not something that just happens. It takes a conscious effort on your part to make sure your brand equity becomes a valuable asset.

The most important and first step is good content marketing. You should strive to educate the consumer about your product and or services and limit the sales pitch. Consumers want to know what you can do for them; the greatness of your company is somewhat irrelevant. How does your product or service solve their problem? Content marketing allows you to position yourself as the problem solver or need fulfiller. By producing quality content (which could be anything including videos, blog, white papers, and more) you are establishing yourself as an industry expert. The more trusted you are (by search engines and consumers) the greater your brand equity.

Reaching out to and connecting with influential industry bloggers can provide a huge boost to your content marketing campaign by giving a push of impressions. A popular industry blog may get thousands of unique visitors a day and posts can get shared across a variety of social networking sites hundreds of times. Guest blogging for an industry site post is a great place to build up your link juice. If you can develop a good rapport with a popular blogger, you might be asked to become a regular writer for their blog. This relationship could lead to a promotional post about your company. Reach out and capitalize on a trusted source of information. A well-known and followed blogger supporting your company not only builds your brand equity, it can also help drive tremendous amounts of traffic to your site.

There is no more denying that social and SEO are crossing paths and influencing each other. The big four social networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, along with all the other niche social networking sites are where you can develop a flourishing community online. The more followers you have on Twitter (preferably active accounts operated by humans, not bots) the more likely your tweets are to be retweeted. The more fans on Facebook, the more people your brand can interact with on a daily basis. LinkedIn is a great place for lead generation, as well as sharing content via LinkedIn Groups. YouTube is a great channel to deliver a visual image of you, your product, helpful information and a host of other opportunities. New star platforms like Instagram, Foursquare and others give those branding adventurers the opportunity to identify key demographics sending the preferred consumer channel content along spreading your brand as it goes.

Brand equity does not just happen. It takes work and a conscious effort to build it as a valuable asset. No short cuts, no easy way around it in today’s noisy culture, it is the quality brand that will rise above it!


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