how is your social authority?

We know that web 2.0 and search engine optimization (SEO) are increasingly converging and the connecting lines are becoming more and more blurred. Social media and SEO increasingly work hand in hand. Links will always be the currency of SEO ensuring rankings. Web 2.0 together with social networking are becoming the relationship side of SEO that seems to be the future of the web. Social link connections are highly valuable now, especially by Google.

Not all these links are weighted equally. Links from websites and profiles with a higher social authority are given more weight. Social authority is developed when a person or business establishes themselves as an “expert” or “influencer” in their market or niche.

So, how do you create social authority?

  • Having more important friends and followers. Seek quality, it counts.
  • Having more followers and friends. Gain quantity, it counts.
  • Social authority will likely be related to relevant subjects. Be the expert, it counts.

Make the best of your precious link juice so that it creates social signals that influences rankings. If someone with social authority makes the Tweet or Facebook post, then they will create ripples in the search engine results adding to your social authority.

Social authority is all about exerting influence. Experts and celebrities that are socially connected will be able to wield their influence in a way that will greatly affect search engine rankings.

As a blogger, as a brand, social authority only aids to your success, so seek it!


6 thoughts on “how is your social authority?

  1. That is a great post, I knew the importance of social media in relationship to SEO however you have put very clearly. What social influence do you think Google uses? would it look at Peerindex and Klout and gauge from there or do you think (and i would guess it does) that google has its own algorithm?

    • Thanks Paul and glad you found this helpful. Google, I suspect could give a rip about Klout or any of the influence measuring programs and would simply utilize their secret sauce!

  2. In the light of the current Klout-conversation, this is very interesting and also so complicated! Algorithms and other parameters tend to change all the time. I guess that’s the point. No-one should be so good at it that he or she completely crack the code. Before it happens everything must change again.

    • Anna, thanks for the comments and read. I would not consider Klout ratings into my web placement, not a factor. Google looks at certain platforms and currently Klout is not one. Carry on with connections, blogging and taking care of giving your connections original relevant content and let it happen. The trick is to keep on checking and keep doing it!

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