get your logo noticed.

Specialty advertising, the use of branded products, is a tested method that should never be overlooked. With technology constantly developing, we sometimes forget that the simple approach can often be the best. Specialty advertising sometimes referred to as promotional items or SWAG (stuff we all get), branded with a company logo and contact details, give maximum impact for minimum effort!

Unlike other types of advertising, specialty advertising actually places your brand in your client’s hands. Rather than just seeing an ad in a newspaper, for example, the target audience will own and keep the advertising. This high retention value provides ongoing exposure for an initial purchase cost, which is great value for the money. It also promotes a feeling of goodwill between the recipient and the giver, setting the latter in a good light. Psychological studies have proven that affective conditioning, i.e. the transfer of feelings from one thing to another, is apparent in the realm of promotional gifts. So, if you choose a specialty item that will be genuinely liked by the recipient, this feeling will transfer to the branding. With such a vast range of specialty goods available for you to brand, it is simple to choose a relevant or targeted gift.

Specialty advertising gifts are perhaps the most instant and direct form of advertising. They provide an instant effect, as soon as they are given, they are noticed, and therefore so is the printed logo. They don’t need to be read like a print ad or watched like a TV commercial. They are simply in the hands of the recipient, very tangible. Indeed, what a great way to open a dialogue with a potential client than giving them a free gift.

Promotional products can be used to generate business in two main ways. First, they can be used as a giveaway to increase brand awareness. Second, they can also be used as a direct loyalty reward or customer incentive.

Lastly, surveys show that promotional items are consistently one of the most popular forms of marketing. Emails are often deleted without being opened; print ads may be glanced at but then forgotten. But promotional products are tangible, and if chosen carefully are always either useful or novel, the ideal opportunity to get your logo noticed.


15 thoughts on “get your logo noticed.

    • Thank you Joel. I have handed out S.W.A.G. for many years and even have gotten clients hooked on an annual old style desk calendar. It works but be careful with your budget and trade shows, leaves the table like candy leaving the dish!

  1. very interesting (again) post!
    ” So, if you choose a specialty item that will be genuinely liked by the recipient, this feeling will transfer to the branding.” – so true and so often brands forget about such a simple technique.

  2. Yes, agree…this is why I think Twitter can be brilliant! It is short, sharp and punchy enough to leave your clients gagging to find out what your offering. Be it a branded brolly or a card holder…of course, its not the only way to grab people, but to grab those that only have 2.2 milliseconds to spare, its GREAT! :) Thanks for sharing guys!

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