a profile of your value proposition.

The power of LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network displays your skills and core competencies and allows you to be found by hiring managers, recruiters, business prospects and investors. Are you sure you have taken the few steps in setting up your profile to ensure you have increased your odds of getting more than a glancing look?

First, you need to fully utilize all the space. To start, the summary is an opportunity to help boost your search and should contain more than a few sentences. Designed primarily to present a snapshot of you, your brand and value proposition, many people mistake this area for the resume summary of qualifications, and insert the same, long-winded paragraph in this section.

In order to get the best results from your profile and avoid the possibility of a quick scan, apply web-copyediting principles, writing a more personalized bullet-point style account of your background and qualifications. Break up the text visually so potential employers or business prospects can quickly scan through, seeing key words.

Potential employers, business prospects and investors will be doing a Google search for information about you, your service or product. When it comes to you and your qualifications you can find yourself with a real problem when your job history, education or achievements appear differently online than on paper.

Do your homework and correct any conflicting statements by printing out both your resume and your LinkedIn profile, reviewing the facts you’ve listed. Compare job dates, education, job titles, employer names, etc. side-by-side. If you omitted an older job, degree, skill-set or achievement from your resume then correct your profile to ensure consistency.

Reviewing your profile this way also allows you to see if it delivers the same value proposition message as your resume. If you missed mentioning highlights of your career, you can access and apply the qualifying information back into the profile so it aligns with you and your brand.

Getting hired today requires a strong online identity and attracting a business opportunity always includes an online investigation, LinkedIn is in the forefront. If you haven’t spent much time on your LinkedIn profile, it is a must to revisit and improve it.


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