strategies get solutions!

I am sure you are hounded by lots of well-meaning marketing experts who want to help you. However, very few of them get the big picture and therefore the results generally do not meet expectation. Marketing success doesn’t come from dabbling in random ideas and there is no formula or magic potion. Success comes from taking a smarter, more joined up approach that seeks to understand the customers’ behaviors and motives. It requires an investment in thinking. Marketing is about education and persuasion. We do not sell; we persuade the customer to buy when they are ready to buy. The most effective marketing is a concept or philosophy that encompasses the entire business process as observed and defined from the customers’ point of view. We have to recognize that the target customers’ perception is reality. Our lives are bombarded with products and promises. There is constant noise, confusion, skepticism and indecision. To be heard and rise above the noise you need to learn the clients’ language and speak it. Understanding that they do not care that you are nice people, but only about whether you can solve their problem. For marketing to be effective it requires:

  • You to know who is your ideal customer? Where are they? Know the demographics!
  • You must have integrated marketing strategies, both online and offline!
  • You must continue to experiment with multiple channels to get found!
  • You need to nurture relationships with a multi-step message!
  • You need an established call to action and defined conversion goal!
  • You must continue to monitor!
  • You need to have strategies to stay top of mind with your customers!

Following the above steps with an established defined marketing plan that you are measuring and analyzing will help you realize a greater return on investment.


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