virtual works!

We’ve been asked before… why does b2b use a virtual team?

There are a few really good answers to that question and I will share with you what we have experienced at b2b with utilizing the virtual world.

At b2b we have assembled a group of talented, creative specialist entirely based on their skill and proficiency with no geographical location to the rest of the team. We utilize team members in all parts of the country! Each team member brings his or her unique abilities to a project, without location being an obstacle.

With a typical agency employing a team traditionally, you are forced to find high quality talent in a fixed region. Often asking them to come into an office that may or may not be an ideal location. It is restricting and we don’t want to eliminate talent based on physical distance.

In today’s fast paced digital marketing world we would much rather open the doors to fresh, innovative and inspired artists from any corner of the continent! The magic of the Internet (BasecampHQ, Dropbox, Skype/GotoMeeting, Google docsWistia/Vimeo) makes it possible for any team member to sit in on calls, discuss direction and notes, interact with the client and team members, and of course, participate in the uploading and editing of project deliverables.

Just as our clients from anywhere in the world can interact with our team and get actively involved in each stage of the project, our team can work together and with our clients in an efficient worldwide office.

Working virtually allows b2b to pass on significant savings to our clients. Having a virtual office means much of the project budget is allocated towards the project and not office space and all that having brick and mortar entails, such as property taxes, utility bills, equipment, software and supplies to name a few. We are not about our image as much as we are about our client’s image. The focus is on the best creative minds, all dedicated to working for our clients and insuring that the money they spend with b2b goes into developing their project!

We consider ourselves forward thinkers who are poised to offer the best in marketing and branding by becoming your virtual partner. Take advantage of the benefits and the ability to employ the best talent who fully represent your brand or product, let our virtual office become your virtual marketing staff…we are here to help tell your story!


8 thoughts on “virtual works!

  1. Virtual allows for easy access, but it truly demands more of the participant through active engagement. For some individuals, the skills necessary to be both efficient and effective are not at the levels needed to work in this environment.

    • Very true Leanne, it does take some trial and error to find those with the discipline needed but another advantage of working virtual, easy to unplug! After all they work under BYOE terms!

  2. Hi Randy, great post, highlighting advantages of virtual teams. As with acquiring talent, your pool is much smaller and competitive if you go local only. Additionally, there are tons of other collaboration tools out there, easy on the budget, team management and efficiency. Video has come a long way, and I find myself doing video conferences with clients around the world as well team members.

    • You are so right Eunice, there is a LARGE canvas for all of us to express our individual talents. I encourage al to explore. Thanks for the read and feedback!

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