there is value when you keep the fun in it.

Not too long ago social media was a much simpler process for people. The social brand was first launched in 2003 with very little competition for social media usage. Today dozens of social networks are available for the individual to choose from, each with unique characteristics designed to coerce the user to utilize that service instead of another one. Since many people use more than one social network it can be cumbersome to effectively maintain all of them, particularly if the user has a business profile rather than a personal page. How can one best maintain multiple social mediums and not get burned out in the process?

A tad tricky from a business perspective since as a brand owner you want to publicize your site and advertise your content as much as possible. A branded social media profile that is too heavy on corporate posts could easily start being ignored by its Followers and Fans if the owner of that profile is not careful. Constant advertising gets old and could be seen by people online as a lack of personal care on the part of the brand.

Make an effort to create posts that keep the interest level of your audience high and limit your direct calls to action. An example for a business page for an apparel store could post the upcoming season’s fashion trends by sharing images of the new styles not yet available and engage their audience for feedback. Customers have an opportunity to preview the styles first may be more likely to make the purchase, especially if any call to action is minimal. Building the desire and giving the customer the feeling of worth by placing value on their opinion builds the trust. Another idea for content may be posting humorous stories or cartoons related to the service you offer, a fun way to keep your audience focused on your objective without being obtrusive in the process.

Remember that social media for you and your audience should be fun. Find the right balance between advertising and creating fun content in order to keep you and your audience happy, interested and engaged.


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