the press release today…

If you wish to keep your clientele, potential customers and partners well-informed then using a  press release to deliver the relevant message is the vehicle.  The integration of the Internet has caused businesses to create different strategies to communicate with people, particularly in the use of social media to enhance strong communication. Video, podcast and the time-tested written word can all be utilized to deliver the relevant information. A press release can easily be delivered via social media and can be a very effective means of delivering important messages to the people you need to stay in touch with regarding your business affairs.

An example of relevant news that a business should deliver in a press release is the hiring of new people for your business. Employee growth is a sign of prosperity, an indication that your business is doing well and needs additional help to ensure that trend continues. It also introduces the new hire to your clientele base and also has the potential of gaining customers from their network as well.  This is the kind of news you want to deliver and a simple post on your company’s Facebook or Twitter profiles is a simple and quick means of accomplishing that task. A great way of utilizing social media in this respect is having the post link to an official press release posted on your company’s website.

Social networks are a great way to announce to your customers that a new product or service is either being worked on or better yet, ready for public launch. Use your social channels to offer “teasers” during the development of what you are working on and then deliver a strong statement on those same social mediums when you release for full launch. An excellent way to keep your clientele informed, interested and engaged.

What better medium to brag on a company success than your social channels. There may be occasions when another media outlet mentions your business in a blog post, online newsletter or article. Take advantage of those mentions and post them on your social media profiles for your fans, followers and clientele to read. It is one thing to tell people how outstanding your service is, but quite another to share a testimony of positive feelings someone else felt compelled to share. Testimonies are an effective way to create trust in the service you provide.

If you write your own blog or utilize social channels to publicize your brand, be sure you take advantage of these valuable channels to share important news with your clientele via a press release.


3 thoughts on “the press release today…

  1. Hi Randy,

    i’m not sure if I agree. If I understand you correctly, you would promote your products or services to “brag” using social media ?

    I think that’s just the opposite of what social media is all about. The core element of social media is sharing and helping eachother, and occasionally, and only when it is useful for the business of you customers, you share an important news release.

    If you only publish your press releases on social media, your likers and followers won’t be looking anymore to you because all they get from you is promotional messaging.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion.


    my personal blog :

    • Tom, thanks for your input and critique. However, I never mention that that was the “only” thing to use social channels for. I will direct you to search the archives of the bowden2bowden blog both this current one and the old format. I am sure you will find revelation on how we and how we direct our Client’s to use, engage and listen on social media channels.
      Not sure how you could have interpreted that, but I will say if a business is not utilizing their channels to express their success then they are losing!

      Thanks for the read and input, RCB

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