old marketing is now new!

I see and read advertisements on Facebook and other Social sites about upcoming workshops that are promoting Traditional Marketing is dead! Really? My guess is the people “only” pushing online social media are social media consultants who because of their niche or boutique business plan may be lacking some of the basic skills to succeed in a traditional marketing and advertising business. Traditional Marketing is very much alive; in fact traditional marketing is rebounding when it comes to advertising investments and being balanced with new marketing tactics.

Strategy remains the same; you need to know who your market is and where they are.

At b2b, we consider ourselves very much a traditional shop who have immersed themselves in the new media world and who are  always learning new things to bring to our clients, small to midsize business across North America, helping them balance marketing initiatives. A component of marketing is certainly online marketing such as social media marketing, Facebook marketing or search engine optimization but traditional marketing is very critical and how they balance each other is extremely important to be effective.

In our opinion businesses should not ignore how important print marketing or even direct mail actual is. Traditional marketing strategies need to figure out the benefit of online marketing to maximize the entire mix. Online marketing, when done correctly, will compliment traditional marketing efforts and even open up new markets to businesses. Think, how can online coupons balance traditional coupons? Integration needs to be part of the overall marketing strategy for success.

What makes sense to you? When looking for someone to help take your brand to the next level with success, do you want a “marketing professional” who just does online marketing? Someone who relies on just using social sites to find business for you or do you really need someone who understands the big picture of marketing? This is a challenge facing a number of small business owners with limited budgets and increased competition. The pressures of understanding how social media will benefit your business is a constant force but is it actually the best thing for your business? Maybe, maybe not!

Is traditional marketing dead? Don’t count on it! But there is a paradigm shift in the marketing world, a blending together of traditional tactics and the old, now new, word of mouth marketing (social).  Be assured, you will need both.


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