you must have in your mix!

Marketers are living in and witnessing an exciting time. The global use of web sites and social media applications are making the world smaller. The power of these tools has led to incredible revolutions in governance, personal relationships and retail behavior. You may have even recently purchased an item that was shipped directly to you from a company or individual in another country. As we bridge gaps between cultures we need to check how we are presenting ourselves and our product or service to the world. It is a must to no longer simply think local or regional no matter what the business!

With a confluence of several key factors we have experienced a revolution in our marketing methods and buyer behavior. Each of these factors affects the others in a way that drives consistent innovation and change to occur at lightning speed. Nations are connected like never before and our economies have become inextricably linked. It is necessary to utilize the available channels in the 2.0 cultures to capitalize on the potential world markets. Take a moment and look at just how you are displaying your brand and consider if you are being left behind. Have you employed a few of the “must haves” in your mix?

  •  Power of photography and video. As the speed of file transfers and downloads have increased, photos and videos have become tools of engagement online. In fact, web sites with video see three times the level of user engagement. Photos are also a bridge over language barriers; hence the incredible rise of Pinterest, a photo-based social media platform. Users can share images on their board that generate a news feed to followers. Even media industry experts are shocked by Pinterest’s success. The popular Instagram is still in the mix and with the acquisition by Facebook will continue to grow. If potential customers can feel secure from photographs, imagine how we can enhance their confidence in the “unseen” product or service with quality video. Video provides viewers with an engagement experience from the convenience of their own living room, office or smart-phone, maybe even while on a back-country adventure via a satellite phone. An experience that is only surpassed by actually being in your place of business or an actual face2face meeting. (As part of the b2b llc brand and strategy we are launching the b2b’s marketing matters on our YouTube channel here: bowden2bowden llc.)
  •  Technological advancements in communications. Most of us carry an iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices around at all times. These are all-powerful access points for customers to communicate with friends or search for information and retail goods. The GPS functionality has also allowed consumers to seek and find their favorite coffee shop, jeans retailer, and home repair depot around them at any given point. Portability has also allowed businesses to offer select deals to this audience to entice the engagement. The rise to services such as foursquare, Groupon and yelp are a measure of consumer involvement that can bring a new engagement opportunity to your business.

Consumers can now research any point of interest. Consumers are now much more in control than ever before. New media forms of advertising allow us to target our message, through not only the careful selection of suitable venues, but many online sites also allow you to further target the viewers of their site by geographic region, age, and other demographic qualities. There is also behavioral marketing that allows us to, for instance, gear our message toward viewers who read particular types of articles on a news site.

With all of these tools, it is not enough to just reach for the highest number of  “impressions,” we must reach those that are likely to buy!

Though the world has changed, and continues to do so, we know that now more than ever we must still focus on fostering genuine relationship with our clients and consumers by providing a level of service that puts them in a relationship that they are at ease with. Give your potential customers or clients a more open an engaged look at you your product or service and tell them they are of value to you, reward them and they will buy!


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