did you include monitoring in you social media strategy?

So you have decided to take your company into the social media stratosphere. You are going to write a Blog, create a Facebook page, and start a Twitter following. I have a question for you, have you included monitoring or taken a look at Google to search what is already the buzz about your company?

Monitoring existing conversations about your company is essential before you press the submit button on your social media strategy! Discovering the word on the street has advantages:

  • If you are actively monitoring and responding to the main social sites, you can develop a reputation of reaching out to and helping customers. Be proactive in responding to complaints from customers.
  • Many of the people who are complaining can be converted into evangelists if you are proactive! We can always use a few more evangelists for our brand.
  • Monitor conversations and providing customer service will increase your brand equity. How much have you already spent on establishing your equity in the market?
  • You will begin to have a better understanding of how ideas spread and how all the platforms or channels work in the digital space once you begin monitoring. What works on Twitter does not necessarily apply to what works on Facebook, monitoring will familiarize you with the differences and the various techniques.

So before you engage your social media strategy, monitor the current buzz about your brand, put tools in place that will let you properly monitor the various sites so that you know what current and potential customers are saying about you. Once you have the buzz, you will be able to shine a bright light on your efforts of social media marketing.


11 thoughts on “did you include monitoring in you social media strategy?

  1. Awesome. Something I ‘preach’ to my clients. I love to show them what is said (or NOT) about their brand and business when we start and then show them again at monthly meetings and 3 and 6 month evaluation meetings. Great post, Randy!

  2. Great post! We do need to measure and yes what works on one doesn’t necessarily work on another! Have I shared your wisdom :)

  3. I’d say if you’re not including monitoring, research, the old feedback loop – well then you’re not planning now are you? It’s poor ‘strategy’ to just push, to just broadcast, even more so on social channels.

    And those channels are different, often b/c the audiences are different, using them for different reasons. You may be Linked with me and follow on Twitter, but the cross-over is limited; find me on FB it’s a whole other conversation that’ll have little to do with business. You’re not going to find those differences — unless you monitor and listen, then plan. FWIW.

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