have you pinned?

Pinterest is another website phenomenon to hit the internet. Pinterest is a visual sharing blogging extravaganza. Do you get it? Remember, most of us didn’t get facebook when it first came out, now most are addicted. Pinterest, like facebook, twitter and others has the potential to send you to rehab for addiction treatment.

I see Pinterest as another excellent channel to build your personal brand and business helping to generate traffic to your website and landing page. Hint, Pineterst is not just for girls!

What exactly is personal branding; it is your name, your face, voice. It is your hobbies, your lifestyle, what you enjoy, how you have fun. Pinterest is ideal to help with your personal branding.

Pinterest is indeed an attractive addition to our personal branding repertoire with endless possibilities yet to be explored. More than a passing fad and based on the evidence, it is here to stay. Pinterest realized growth by more than 150% during January, 2012. Companies and bloggers alike are reporting significant increases in traffic and revenue thanks to the new social media rising star. Hubspot reports more visits from Pinterest than Google+ to their blog! Lead generation, attractive and fun social sharing and marketing value to be derived from Pinterest are certainly bonuses accounting for the success of this new channel. Add personal branding to the mix and you’ve just found a social network it would be extremely ill-advised to underestimate… let alone ignore!

Here are a few ideas for personal branding I have seen working and working well;

  • Show your work; photographer, blogger etc.
  • Books worth reading; a clear message about how knowledgeable and passionate you are about your present or future career.
  • Real life examples; Pinterest can be instrumental in underscoring your creative side.
  • Create a user-generated pinboard; Make your personal branding credibility score go up by demonstrating that you care about your customers/followers opinions, views and needs.

Keep in mind that your Pinterest profile is important, create a quality profile with your best picture, profile message, website and selected social networks where you want to be found and followed. Do it with the same care and attention to detail as in any other social media that actively contributes to your personal branding in a powerful way and you may soon discover that Pinterest exceeds your expectations.

So, have you pinned? If not, then get in on the hottest social media channel at the moment and just pin!


6 thoughts on “have you pinned?

  1. I have to force myself to go there. I do hit the Pin It button when I see something interesting, but I’m just not that visual, so it doesn’t draw me in. I have seen some really good examples of job seekers and companies using it for branding, though. I do see it’s potential, I just haven’t gotten to the point where it’s actually fun to do.

    • just when you think you are going legit, it grabs you and sucks you in! It is most certainly for the visual and I have found it and Insatagram fascinating…

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