get in, get comfortable, engage and enjoy.

Top of mind today when seeking social media help, “how do I know if my efforts are paying off?”  Code for, “what is my ROI?” A great question! All business investments, including social media marketing campaigns need some measure of success. However, with social media it is still a little murky. Sure there are all types of product offerings, many very good that will give you a number, but the real measure should be the engagement. Keep it simple as you explore and gain your social presences, it will work for you if done correctly but remember, it is social, engage!

A few easy measures to test your channels that can be implemented simply are:

  •  Ask every client a set of questions designed to measure the success of your campaign. Set standard questions that are asked of each; What did you think? What else would you like to see?
  • Test your site with a promotion.
  • Ask questions on your social channels. Keep it simple (e.g. “True or False”).
  • Create an event and invite people. Encourage RSVP’s and encourage people to bring a friend.  A great measure of your reach and engagement!
  • If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, with Facebook Insights, or with the tools that come with your URL shorten programs, then read up on them and use them. They are a valuable resource about how people are interacting with you and/or your brand.

It is a new and vast horizon for marketing and branding, one that is only going to continue to grow.  Get in, get comfortable, engage and enjoy. Quit sweating the ROI thing, there will be great rewards!


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