are you customer – centric?

Do you have a philosophy that is customer – centric? Do your clients’ needs drive everything you do? Instead of just pushing undifferentiated work through your shop, does your staff take personal responsibility for achieving the clients’ goals? Everyone in the production process – beginning to end, top to bottom – has a vested interest in your clients’ successes. Developing, reinforcing a customer – centric ethic and placing value on each person in the chain connects directly to your clients.

Loyalty and partnerships are part and parcel of how to develop a core strength to succeed in business. Think of it as more than just getting things done on time and within budget – build trust. The desire to have your clients to continue to use your services because they know your firm truly cares about them and takes ownership of all projects.

Whether your client is a Fortune 500 firm or a small start-up company, they should have direct access to the people doing their work. Structure your firm to guarantee your clients receive the highest level of customer service possible.

Be flexible by design. Large and diverse enough to imagine, able to produce and deliver successful, multi-faceted projects on a national scale, but also small enough to care and take ownership of each program you handle. Your client should never feel as they are just another project, but as a valued partner. Large or small, nationwide or local, place the customer at the core of your philosophy and the trust that develops will produce great benefits for all.


3 thoughts on “are you customer – centric?

  1. As someone who does my own customer service, I can directly speak to this issue. Our customers come first! That’s the bottom line because without them there IS no bottom line! All they want is to be heard and to have swift action taken. It’s simple really )

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