so what, they like you…

Your goal should not be for someone to follow you on one of your social platforms. It should not be to get someone to just click like. These actions certainly enhance the objectives you have set for your business but they are not the end game.

Improved communications across all channels should be what you are seeking and if you stop with the like or follow, you will never get to the conversation. Today’s media channels are rapidly changing and evolving causing us all to refocus on our business models. It takes slow nurturing.

It is so easy to get likes and follows, just through a simple t-shirt give-away contest or offer a gift card or two. The participation should send your analytics soaring but it will fall as fast as it rose. This amounts to mostly a cheap thrill. Your campaigns should be designed around gaining prospect profiles and not just increasing likes or follows.

If at your company the talk is “how do we get more likes?” then it is time for a different conversation. Social media and the engagements on the many platforms are about a return on strategic principles creating opportunities for a company to have a more open and connected path to the consumer. A realization of those objectives is the end game!


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