grab a lot of influence…

Social business, it is here and it is sticking around! It use to be when someone thought of an influential person, the vision of  someone who had power and money came to mind, right?  Today in twenty twelve the vision has shifted, to us, all of us. The many social channels that are sprouting everyday allow the potential for all to become influencers. All of us have the ability to effect change and influence those we interact with and with todays tools the possibilities are great.

We, consumers, are now seeking our guidance and placing our trust in the social sphere. What once was, is no longer, we now seek our own trusted networks and peers for trustworthy information.

As a business owner you now need to think of all of your employees as influencers. Your employees are interacting in there individual social spheres daily.  Think how that touch can begin hitting your bottom line. Develop your team into active community managers for your brand. If you have not already, start a social network or a blog that is utilized by your team. Empower them to become greater brand advocates. Social media is alive and the global community is soaking it up, hungry for more. Let all your employees develop their own network of loyal customers.

Think about each employee as a member of a social community networking with others and all are influencing themselves. They connect with trust and authenticity, a valuable source in todays competitive environment and shifting paradigms.

Your employees have embraced social, so it’s no longer why should I do social media, it’s how can I harness this incredible power and use it to the business’s advantage.


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