i have content!

Content, content, content, how much is enough, how much do I need? Are you as content hungry as we all are? Have you ever wondered how much content you should have on your website? It is the driver to get the desired Google ranking that we all are seeking.

Is 1 page of content too little for your site?  Maybe, but maybe not.  The answer depends on the purpose of your site and the keywords that you are targeting. Using a program like Long Tail Pro for keyword search can help you identify and decide the keyword/theme for your site. This will give direction to you toward the focus of the content you should be placing on your site.

It is possible if you are dialed into the targeted keywords for your site to achieve #1 or #2 ranking in Google with just 1 page of content! Pay particular attention to Google’s Quality Guidelines making sure that you are posting original content and surprising results can happen. However although this may be enough to answer search queries having a more robust content selection will set you apart from those that tend to neglect.

Google ranks PAGES and not SITES!  In other words, Google primarily looks at the content of the single page rather than looking at the overall value of the site when ranking pages. Google assigns a PageRank to each individual article on a site.  So, the homepage of a site might have a PageRank of 6, but the ranking article may only have a PageRank of 1.  This is why you should always look at the PageRank and number of links to the individual page and not the entire site when analyzing the competitiveness of a keyword.

Adding more articles sooner rather than later will help to do a better job of staying within Google’s Quality Guidelines. A good start of 5 pages of original content will give a kickstart out of the gate. You can plan one article that is populated with the needed and suggested keywords so Google can find, index, and rank your site. Add additional pages covering related topics of interest to the consumer.

So, how much content? The decision is really yours.  Are you hoping to build a power packed small “niche” type site or a larger more robust multi-topic site? The amount of content can vary greatly depending on your overall goals and focus for the site. More is always helpful but if you can dial in the keywords in the initial “orignal” content document then any additional articles will give you less chance of losing the desired ranking.

One last point, you can not fool Google!


4 thoughts on “i have content!

  1. Great post!! How much content would you recommend I write for a blog post? I don’t want to turn readers away with a long post, but also don’t want them to read a post that I feel is not the best quality to publish. I blog about branding and feel that a lot of the time I need to go into detail about different topics to make sure my point gets across but I fear readers may just go on to the next post. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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