do i need a virtual marketer?

In business today a paradigm shift is occurring and the current economy has shifted it into overdrive. Small to mid-sized companies are turning to virtual consultants to perform many duties of a full-time marketing department and realizing the benefits at half the costs.

The advantages of hiring a virtual consultant go straight to the bottom line of your operation. Virtual consultants do not require benefits, paid time off, sick days, vacations and the expense of office space. No special computer and programs to purchase, printers or other tools to purchase because a virtual consultant uses their equipment to produce your results saving you time and money. The client realizes real efficiencies.

Many if not all of the daily, weekly or monthly responsibilities such as; media relations, press release writing, press release distribution, video production, webinar production, graphic design, printing, special event coordination, social media communications, newsletter writing, website design and marketing collateral design can be handled by a virtual consultant.

A virtual consultant will work remotely from their office and communicate with their clients via Skype video chat, telephone conference and webinars. When duties require the consultant to be at the client’s location for a special event or big meeting, then arrangements to attend are made.

Are you in need of marketing help but restricted by the great cost of bringing on another full-time staff member? A virtual consultant or their team of experts could be within your budget and quickly assembled to telling your company’s story.


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