why creative, brand, strategy?

A couple of years back we had an idea to start this little consultancy firm that would reach out and help the small to medium businesses tell their story. Helping with the most needed and often overlooked marketing efforts of getting the word out. As we developed our business plan it became clear that many enter into the world of commerce with very little strategy of how they can build their brand that has had very little creative concept applied. So with that discovery we knew that is was the process of creative, brand and strategy that most needed help with to get to the market place.

Certainly most have a plan, they have invested time in developing a product or service niche and they have fashioned a name, logo or some other “brand” that they feel with heart and soul is what the general population is waiting on. Tricky subject to discuss with most, it is their dream! However having a nice product really does not mean a thing unless you have figured out how to tell and convince the consumer that you have it and they need it, right?

In today’s menagerie of advertising channels to navigate, one can very quickly hit many roadblocks if the execution strategy has not been carefully planned. Which channel is best to launch first, do you need all or just a couple. It all comes down to the overall strategy and just how much one is willing to invest, both time and money.

It can not be stated enough that the little logo you have invested so much in “is not” your “brand!” A brand is what the consumer feels about you or your product, it comes from the consumer. It is up to you to cultivate it and to build the value. Think relationships, simple things your mother and father taught you, keep your promises, fix things when they get broken. The old saying of “put yourself in the customer shoes” still is a rallying cry of today, it just may be that today those shoes are a $200 pair of sneakers being worn by someone in $200 ripped jeans. Know them!

So simply stated, creative, brand, strategy is one of those no-brainers to marketing folks but to the next handy-wipe inventor it may be something that has been overlooked in the overall plan!


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