the pain in social media!

If you have not yet taken the much-needed plunge into the social media soup bowl, go ahead and jump! What are you waiting on? Why are you resisting? It is here, to stay and is how everyone connects and will connect. However, a few words about the platform that you may not have considered and will help you to understand this new media.

First social media is and should be fun but it is not something that happens over night, it takes time. The goal is to develop positive profiles with engagement to drive relevant traffic. So there is a need to be consistent as with any relationship.

Listening may be new to some but it should not be. Listen first and engage second! You can gain and retain your audience with active listening. The person that is always shouting about themself leaves the audience behind.

None of us like to be sold, right? So please do not think of social media as a direct marketing tool, it is not. You want to turn your engagement off then advertise your widget and watch the prospects dribble away!

Social media can push you out of your comfort zone. You will engage with unfriendliness and bullies. Mistakes will happen to all, learn and then move on.

Many in the social media sphere still do not understand the “social” market. They are holding on to old techniques and delivering dry messages that leave the potentials engaging with their competitors. So social may not be right for you but what is a lost customer worth? Sometimes the need and hiring of a consultant can bring the pain level down.


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