socially linked means business!

For sometime LinkedIn has been the effective social network platform for the professional. If for some reason you have not set-up your profile well then let’s just say that you are late to the dance!

Here is a simple take on one of the many benefits of this now mainstream business network. The key to using a business network successfully involves the creation of your personal friends or business connections, right? Most all social platforms have a similar process for connecting associates or “friends,” but LinkedIn has a simple method of inviting and maintaining your social network by simply uploading an exported file from your contact manager. LinkedIn can immediately tell which friends of yours are members of the service. A snap to start, immediately enabling you to gain access to your contacts.

Now with your account set up and contacts entered, a massive network of individuals can easily search your personal network for relevant business needs and contacts. The ease of creating personal contacts is much more efficient than the traditional network mixer. Get linked and get connected to business!


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