the three must for social media growth!

When planning and developing social media sites on behalf of our clients it is essential to create a path of least resistance for two-way communication and distribution to occur. To do so, there are three necessary must have characteristics that has to be included in the strategy:

On-Demand. Social media content must be able to be viewed on demand over and over without the possibility or fear of deletion, unless the publisher decides to delete the content.

Feedback. Without some sort of feedback in the form of a tweet, comment, wall post, etc., the content is essentially read-only and doesn’t fit the definition of social media.

Quantifiable. Number of friends, followers, tweets, views, plays, comments, etc., all constitute an actual metric to quantify what content or content contributor is “best” as determined by the audience.

What would YouTube be like if the number of views were not counted? How would facebook operate if you could only look at someone’s profile once? What if you weren’t able to retweet? If you are looking for real growth then embrace the power of social media and realize the benefits.


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