what’s your line?

Brand tag-lines are a business “rallying cry,” that should be so pithy, everyone inside and outside the organization can remember it or-better-yet-can’t forget it. A simple phrase that summarizes your brand and no one else’s. A really great tag-line can help drive your business (“got milk?”) Develop a poor one and lose the opportunity!

Tag-lines are fun, often clever but they are a serious component of the business. A few major components should be considered in the development.

There is no question that the most important consideration should be to the meaningfulness. A tag-line has got to mean something of importance to your business and your audience. Do not get hung up on catchy and brevity and forget to set yourself apart from your competitors!

Catchiness is the one thing that creates both an instant and eternal memory. This type professional word smithing is often called emotional bonding. This creative component may include the business name which often helps build the recognition but develop it right and they will know it!

Tag-lines are customarily short, but what is short and how long should it be? Short as possible, while retaining meaning and catchiness. If it is becoming difficult, maybe you are trying too hard. You want to say one important thing well so if it takes ten words good but if you can make it short better. You do not want to sacrifice meaning or catchiness!

Ready to launch? Check it out first and make sure you have not stumbled a bit. Maybe it is already in use, a bit of jargon, tad sarcastic or negative? Worth a second look, it is something that will set your brand apart, good or bad!

A simple phrase that has meaningfulness, catchiness and is short. The goal is for your audience to know you when they see it or hear it! Have fun and be clever.


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