so where does your company stand?

Fear can creep into any business! In today’s rapid flash of brands with the multi media tools we all have it is so much more important for our company to stand out. It is easy to get paranoid about our own brand. Are we growing? Is it working for us? Is it time to invest in a brand check?

Hey now, a full scale brand development is a huge undertaking and should be giving serious thought. Think of the commitment, money, time and certainly the faith that will be needed! A Strategic Brand Assessment can help determine the position your current brand is in. But you can first simply take a look at how your company is doing in a few areas that may point you in the direction of the need to re-brand…

How is your market share?
Have you slid from a high point over the last several years and if so there could be a few things tweak. Fluffing the edges want gain you those spots back! Take a look at your brand.

Are you seeing declining ROI with your marketing investments?
SOE, direct mail, CRM, social you have invested and done them but no matter you are still getting the same results. Yes today’s media is changing and changing fast but how is your message fitting into the channels? Take a look at your brand.

Thinking your logo is looking a little tired?
Everyone gets tired of their logo at some point. In most cases you would be advised to leave it alone. But if your logo doesn’t seem to fit who you are, and you don’t know why. Before you redesign the logo, take a look at your brand.

How about your company name?
If your name doesn’t fit your need to know why. You may find through brand development exercise that the you should retain your name, but you’ll find that your company fitting it better.

Has your strategy changed?
You brand is the image of your business strategy. So it goes without saying that a significant change in business strategy should point to a hard look at your brand.

Is your revenue growing or stalled?
If your category is dying, you can’t necessarily blame poor performance on your brand. But if your sales growth doesn’t match your category’s growth, it is time to take a look at your brand.

Has the market changed?
In the fast passed entrepreneurial sprite of todays business world, there are new players, new developments and certainly a growing opening of new customers. You company may be well-positioned for all the competition. But if not, take a look at your brand.

Have you had leadership changes?
Brands belong to the people, but brand development begins at the top. When changes occur at the top, there will be confusion below. A brand development exercise is perfect to align everyone.

How old is the company?
10, 15 or 20 years, no matter if your company has lost its focus, the market has changed, management has changed or any of the other above questions have received a yes from you it is time to take a look at your brand.

So where does your brand stand?
In the fight and making a splash or are you finding out that your are more and more the spectator? Successful companies are always, working brand building. They are understanding it, delivering it, communicating it and measuring it. If you have clarity of brand in your organization then you are or are on your way to success but if not, it may be time!


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