if you build it they may not come…

Marketers have always understood the concept of getting the message out about a brand and the need to incorporate a strategic plan that is shaped by the overall business model. At bowden2bowden we focus on seeking the clients realistic results. Often times what the client is seeking is not really in the realm of possibilities. You know the old adage of, if you build it they will come! Never thinking about how will they come if they do not even know who you are and the mechanics of getting the word out to build the trust and affinity that the consumer needs with the brand.

A business must continually inform people about the product or service that is offered to become effective. To do so requires both a marketing strategy and a marketing plan.

A marketing strategy, defines the business, highlights the product or service, sets the targets as well as defines relationships with the competition. The strategy will gauge effectiveness of the marketing plan.

The marketing plan includes the complete details of the business including pricing, sales and distribution, advertising as well as promotion.

For a business to have a plan and not a strategy is useless in that you will not have any goals to judge where you are in achieving the growth you are seeking.

Developing the marketing plan will take some time. This is to be an organic, living document that is reviewed often, at least weekly but hopefully daily. It will list the objectives you have set for the business. It is crucial to set realistic and achievable objectives to motivate your efforts. The objectives need to be specific in that they spell out the steps you will take to achieve the results.

Take a few minutes a day or at least once during the week to review your strategies and plans you have to market your product and services and it will keep you between the lines and on track to gain market share.

Have you got a document sitting in a file that you call your “plan?” Go get it, dust it off, trash it and re-draft it but get a roadmap to growth!


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